Below are testimonials from my business clients and TFE members, I am so proud of each and every single one of them!


    I am beyond grateful to have met Nicole after doing a ton of research and trying to hire a social media and contact manager. I finally met Nicole who understood my brand and my vision. Not only has she been able to create content in my own voice and carry my messaging forward she has helped scale up my social media presence to unbelievable amount of engagement. She is so friendly and great to work with and responsive she really understands what I’m trying to build, which has created a ton of trust. I hope to continue to work with her for a long time.

    -Salwa I


    Nicole has been so much more than a business mentor. She has helped me: with my schedule, create freebies to serve as lead magnets, build an email list, refine my message and target audience, held me accountable AND helped me extend grace to myself through different seasons, got me started writing my book - I still can’t believe this is a real thing... and so much more! Most recently she helped me totally rebrand my podcast and personal brand with new colors, fonts, names, etc. If you’ve been on the fence about working 1:1 with Nicole or hiring her for her social media management, this is your sign to make that investment in yourself, your business, and your future. You’ll be so glad you did!- Megan E


    My first 1:1 call exceeded my expectations! I was honest and put it all out there with Nicole. Not once did she shy from my scattered thoughts or challenges ahead, rather she boosted me up and reinforced so many values that I want to represent. I may be naive to the back end of starting up a business, but I am confident of my ‘why’. Having Nicole and TFE every step of the way is my secret weapon. I’m extremely thankful for this community and determined more than ever to succeed.- Deanna S


    So grateful to have you help guide me through all of the things!Your coaching as been a game changer in my business and life and I am so grateful! Offering perspective, permission, and understanding how much my business and life go hand in hand and helping me manage that so I can be my best right now in both has been life changing. - Erin T


    I started with Nicole when I was feeling stuck and knowing I wanted to take a different route. I saw her posts on social media and I instantly felt the connection. Nicole always knew what to say and when to say it. We had so many relatable feelings and emotions that reassured me that I made a good investment of working with her. My biggest struggle that Nicole helped me through was not 100% loving the boutique owner life after 7 years and pushing me to find my purpose; realizing what I did enjoy and helping me navigate those emotions and being my biggest cheerleader. Her helping me overcome this obstacle by navigating those emotions , finding what was out their that would serve me and put me in a space that makes me happy reassured me that our time together was a good investment . I have now sold my business and am working for a company that holds a special place in my heart!- Abbey G


    We have found Nicole to be a huge help with our business. We are seasoned business owners and have never stopped innovating and seeking counsel for new areas of growth.

    Reaching out to Nicole to tackle our newest business venture of selling online has been a blessing. It is invaluable to work with someone who has already succeeded in a given business area. This gives us confidence in our investment in both the business and Nicole. Perhaps more important is the encouragement, the joy and the care that Nicole shares with us along the way. We are excited to see where this goes and grateful for the contribution Nicole has made to our effort. - Lori and Mark P


    Struggling to stay consistent with your content?

    Having trouble organizing your thoughts or laying out a new idea or offer?

    Feel like there’s so much you want to do with your business, but you end up doing nothing because you’re overwhelmed?

    Hi it’s me! And why I hired Nicole! She’s a women who truly has more than just one genius.

    She has created content for me but more importantly has shown me her ways so that I can continue doing it on my own without overwhelm.

    I’ve got lots of ideas/offers and Nicole has talked me through them many of them which has helped simplified the process of bringing my ideas or newer offers to life in a very short and ideal timeframe! Something I just wouldn’t have been able to do without her support!

    I was struggling to fit all my work into 20 hours each week and Nicole saved me by laying out exactly how I could accomplish all I need and want to without having to work nights anymore!

    - Brittany S


    In May 2022, I hired Nicole as my business coach. We spent our time discussing strategies to reach new brides, keeping in contact with past brides, bringing my vision to a higher level, creating and maintaining aschedule that works for my brides and my family! I can’t thank her enough for her wisdom & being the best hype girl!- Mackenzie L


    As a newer small company we didn’t know where to invest our money/who to trust when it came to advertising. We started working with Nicole a month ago and it has surpassed our expectations. We hired her as a social media manager but she continues to do more then just that, resulting in business growth. After our first month with her we have had an increase in website views & phone calls, which have both led to more bookings! Excited to see what’s to come in the future!

    - Cruisin’ Tikis Lake Dora


    You're advice helped me SO MUCH, like truly… I was in such a rut and I knew that if I gave myself a kick in the ass and revealed how I was feeling to someone who could understand where I was, it would motivate me to move on from my rut… from this deep hole that I was in and to figure it out! I feel HOPEFUL! THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening and for talking to me! Seriously I wish I could express how much it means. - Lydia


    I had been thinking for a lonnng time I wish I could find someone local to
    help with A-Z. I saw Nicole’s post on IG and did a double take. She is what I’d been looking for. It made me feel some relief and being in the same town was even better. My store is online, I’m a one woman show, and work a FT job. There were changes I wanted to make but didn’t know where to start. Nicole is so sweet, understanding, and encouraging. She gave suggestions, guidance, and taught me how to better use the tools I already had. Her positivity is a PLUS! So thankful we connected and very grateful for everything she’s helped me with.- Deb H

  • Working with Nicole for the week intensive was just what I needed! Nicole was instrumental in helping me turn my vision into a reality! I’m so excited about everything we created in just a weeks time! I’m so incredibly grateful for her expertise. If you’re thinking about working with her - just do it! - Lauren F

  • I have known Nicole for many, many years.  I loved her boutique!  She always made you feel welcome.  I love her passion in everything she does.  I would watch her and try to use what I learned as I opened my own practice.  Working with Nicole has been amazing. Our 10 weeks went by so quickly.  I only wish her services were available to us earlier.  If you are on the fence – she has you!!  Our business is health care, which is not Nicole’s background.  However, she has gone out of her way to understand our business and how to help us.  We have wasted so much time and money on things that were not necessary.  We are nurse practitioners; we do not have a business or a social media background.  She has reviewed our social media accounts and our website and gave great feedback and ideas.    She has helped us prioritize our days, weeks and months.  Nicole has not only helped us, professionally but also personally.  We make sure to schedule family time as well as self-care.  We are now able to schedule our day to incorporate what is important and what can wait.  There are so many options to work with Nicole.  Take what works for you.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.- Patti S

  • Before I "met" Niki - I just "knew" her as this mysterious amazing human being who was such an inspiration to those around me. I didn't know how much we needed her until we had the privilege of working with her. Being a new business owner and entrepreneur I was way out of my comfort zone, following my dreams, pursuing my passion to change lives and empower others to start enjoying life's little moments again! Through this journey we partnered with Niki to mentor us on the in's and out's of owning a business. Learning how to think like a business owner and not just a health care practitioner. A foreign thought but such a vital part of owning your own practice. Niki offered more than just mentorship. She became a friend, a cheerleader, a coach and so much more. I never felt like I was inconveniencing her even when I sent her 5 minute long rambles as I sorted through my though process. She provided constructive feedback and guidance and helped us sort through the weeds to find our focus. She has been an instrumental part in our transition process and I am forever grateful for the ways in which she has grounded us, supported us, but most of all encouraged us each step of the way no matter how hard it got. She always had our best interest and our success at heart! - Shannon C

  • The time I spent with Nicole was something my soul needed. As soon as I heard about this opportunity I knew I wanted to be a part of it and I am so glad I did. It was more than I expected. Nicole is beyond amazing, I have followed her journey for a long time. Our sessions were magical, through laughter and tears. She listens, asks questions that allows you to think about things and situations in a way you might not have even thought about before. She cares about you, is attentive, never judges, wants to see you succeed and will be your biggest cheerleader!

    - Rachel B

  • Nicole was such a joy to work with! She has the unique gift of making you feel heard and empowered in business and in life. Everytime I came to Nicole with an idea, she would offer suggests to make the initial idea 10 times better and more impactful! If you’ve been hoping for a coach that just gets it - Nicole is your gal!

     - Lindsay K