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Who doesn't love fun hair accessories?! Hello, scrunchies! We're sharing our favorite NEW hair accessories that you're going to want to wear year-round. Everything will be available TOMORROW!

We love Teleties' strong grip and stylish aesthetic. They go easy on the hair while holding it up all day. The best part: they don't crease your hair!

Give me allll the scrunchies! These beauties come in six different variations and are available in packs of three. 

Absolutely loving the embellished details on these!

And of course, we need all of them!

Hair ties that double as bracelets? We'll take three, please!


Wear these stacks as bracelets and when you need a hair tie in a pinch, just grab one from your stack!

They also make perfect gifts! With cute notes like "luv you like I luv my morning coffee" and "you are the avocado to my toast," you can't go wrong when shopping for your BFF.

These bow scrunchies are a great accent to a half up-half down style. Let the ties hang or make a cute bow!

Available in Mustard or White polka dots. Which one is your fave?

HOME hats: an obvious staple for all Delaware natives. It's a fun accessory to pair with your favorite Z-Supply tee!

Thanks for reading! All of these accessories will be available TOMORROW! XOXO.


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