Amazon Prime Day July 15 + July 16

Nicole Hinton

Posted on July 15 2019

I don't know about you, but I purchase random things from amazon almost! From toilet paper, to books, to kids toys, to other random household items. HOWEVER, I will say this is the first year I have been excited for Amazon Prime Day! I was on the hunt for something specific, I have been waiting to buy it until TODAY! I know we typically talk about fashion and NJB here, but I figured it would be nice to switch it up and show you a few of my favorite random things...

1. The first thing I was excited to get was this Revlon One Step Dryer + Volumizer brush.  I recently cut my hair short and am looking for more ways to simplify my styling techniques. This seems to be the perfect option! Only $34 at checkout. 

2. Black Velvet Hangers- We use these in the boutique, warehouse and I have them in my closet at home as well! Don't worry about any of your clothes falling off the hanger ever again!

3. Another item we use at the boutique, warehouse and that I have at home is a handheld steamer! Eliminate your iron with one of these! 

4. I have been using a Milk Frother for my morning coffee for about a week now, it's a game changer! 

5. You guys know I love to read! MP bought me a kindle paperwhite for Christmas and I LOVE it! When I don't have an actual book in my hand, I have this with me for quick downloads and easy reads.

6. This travel makeup case is AMAZING! It keeps all of your makeup organized and it's so easy to see everything!

7. THE ITEM I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! AN AIR FRYER! I have been reading about this sucker for WEEKS! I cannot wait to try it out. Do you have an air fryer? I would love to hear some of your favorite things to make in it! Came down to $79.99 at checkout.


Have you shopped Amazon Prime Day yet!? Continues through tomorrow... I would LOVE to know what deals you have found! Let me know in the comments or message me on IG or FB XOXO


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