Podcast Episode 7: My First Boutique Location


When it came to my boutique, I always had a hunch about the next step to take for my business. In this episode, I chat about the pivotal growth that I experienced through discovery by word of mouth and how this led me to open my first location. I also talk about the ups and downs that I faced there while running the boutique. I share how I knew I was outgrowing that location, how I figured out it was time to hire employees, and a turning point I faced in my business from a mishap that happened before a fashion show.

This episode is about feeling fear but acting anyway. When I realized I needed a physical location for the boutique, I was so scared. I was even more scared when I made the leap again into a bigger space and had a jump in the prices of rent and inventory. I had a lot of people telling me to stay put where I was, but I knew in my heart that this was the next step for my business so I acted despite the fear. I want to encourage you to do the same - when you’re facing fear in your life, act anyway. 

What’s in this episode:

  • Starting with pop-up’s and parties
  • How her business grew through word of mouth
  • Opening her first location 
  • Moving parties into the boutique
  • Having to close for personal emergencies 
  • Hiring her first employees
  • Starting their Black Friday tradition
  • What she does for the holiday season
  • Selling out of styles quickly and realizing she would need more inventory
  • Trying to get things online and using live videos for growth
  • Realizing she was outgrowing her location
  • Closing for one month while transitioning to her new space
  • How she feels about the group page and the community it's created
  • How a delayed shipment affected her fashion show
  • How this ended up being a turning point in her business
  • Realizing her why for her business
  • Knowing in her heart the next steps for her business  


#NJBBABE Community!

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