Podcast Episode 19: Balance is BS


It seems as if everyone is always chasing this idea of “balance”. If you ask me, I’d say that balance isn’t real. Balance is one of those things that so many people are striving to reach but can never quite get there. In this episode, I am chatting about why I think balance is BS and what you might actually be looking for if you’ve been seeking balance. I talk about being able to adapt to changes and how social media creates a false perception of balance. I also talk about giving up the idea of balance and my advice for making it through the day and giving 100% to everything that you do instead of attempting to have balance. 

What’s in this episode:

  • What Nicole thinks of when she hears the word “balance”
  • Why she doesn’t think balance is real
  • Setting yourself up for disappointment with high expectations of balance
  • How comparison (and social media highlight reels) will make you feel pressured to find balance
  • What you may be looking for that’s not actually “balance” such as productivity 
  • How everybody’s idea of balance is different
  • How getting through the day and giving 100% is enough 
  • Being able to adapt to change and accept that not everything is going to get done


018: Give 100% Every Day

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