Podcast Episode 10: Give yourself Grace


As we’re inching closer to the holiday season, I wanted to share three simple tips that I use to help relieve stress and enjoy this time of year. This can be such a hectic time of year with growing to-do lists, but it’s so important to just slow down and enjoy the little moments. Today I opened up about celebrating new holiday traditions in honor of loved ones we’ve lost, why you should set intentions for your days, and how I am feeling about my 30th birthday coming up. 

What’s in this episode:

  • The Black Friday tradition that Nicole does every year
  • Why shopping small is so important
  • Reflecting on her life before her 30th birthday
  • Slowing down and enjoying the little moments during the holiday season
  • Keeping the memories alive for lost loved ones over the holidays
  • Taking the pressure off of yourself and taking time for yourself
  • Three simple tips to relieve stress and enjoy the rest of the year
  • Staying off of social media so you aren’t pressured to compare yourself to others
  • Practicing a brain dump and how therapeutic this can be for you
  • Finding time for yourself no matter how busy you get
  • Why you should focus on setting an intention for the day
  • Nicole’s intention of being kind to herself  


#NJBBABE Community!

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