I am sitting down to write this just after breaking up a fight between Ellie and Jace... #momlife. I couldn't even tell you what they were arguing about because we have reached the stage where they literally fight about anything and everything. YAY!

About 15 minutes before that I was dancing with Jace in the kitchen and crying listening to a song on youtube while making bacon for Ellie. Can't make this stuff up. It's like a light switch... one second everyone is happy, the next second everyone is crying. Oh and this coffee that I am sipping has been reheated at least three times. Can you relate? haha

One thing I have promised myself is that I would ALWAYS keep it real with you guys. Share the good AND the bad. Over the last few months I have been writing "letters" and sending them via email. They seem to be a big hit and always have the highest open rate in our email reports. I have decided to switch it up a little bit. As you know, I have a strong love for writing and journal just about everyday. So my "Letters from Nicole" will now be kept in the "Nicole J Journal." I will still send out an email every week, but you can refer back to this tab right here at! With these journal entries I want to share stories, positive messages, behind the scenes and just the real life madness of this mama, wife + girl boss. I love recording my podcast episodes, but want to keep writing and sharing here as well! 

I won't be sharing everything that I write in my real journal (that would be a mess haha) BUT I do plan to share a lot more than usual. The comments section is open for you to engage and ask questions. 

Let's chat, what do you want to read about in the Nicole J Journal? Let me know in the comments below!

This week is going to be a fun one at NJB, we have our Style Saturday this weekend and I have A LOT to do before then. We have several shipments arriving over the next few days and plan to do a little bit of "renovating" at the shop! Little stuff, but I am excited! MP (my husband) has been building new racks and we are bringing in a few of my grandparents furniture pieces. It's going to be a lot of work, but a lot of fun... don't worry, I will share sneak peeks and behind the scenes :) 








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