Feeling overwhelmed? Trying to figure out a new routine with working from home and virtual learning? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I would like to start with saying I whole heartedly recognize that everyones situation is different right now. I am just sharing something that has worked for me and I am hoping someone else will find it helpful as well!

It's easy to lose track of what’s important, what we need to truly be focused on. With so much uncertainty around us, it's easy to worry about the future and things we can’t control.

So here’s what I want you to do. Get out a notebook and pencil. We are going to write down TWO separate lists.

List 1: Things that I CAN control. (When I wake up, cleaning my house, meals I make, my emotions)

List 2: Things that I CAN’T control. (When I will go back to work, when this pandemic will end, how the summer will go, if the grocery store will have toilet paper- get where I am going?)

When you are writing these lists you will feel emotions with each one, I will talk about how to deal with those thoughts in my next journal entry. But for now, I really want you to look at the CAN’T list. Read this over, realize they are truly out of your control and that spending time worrying about them, is wasting time and energy. 

Look at the list, release the items on it and anytime you find yourself worrying about them again, remind yourself that they are OUT OF YOUR CONTROL and there is no reason to waste time being on edge about the future when you have SO much to show up for in the present! 

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